Vaginal Itching – Pure and House Cures

There are lots of pure treatments to relieving vaginal itching which you can strive at dwelling. A few of the treatments embrace:

– Yoghurt

– Apple cider vinegar

– Boric acid suppositories

– Epsom salts

– Tea tree oil


Yoghurt incorporates “good micro organism” akin to Acidophilus, Bifidus or Lactobaccillus cultures. Yoghurt is useful in replenishing probiotics within the gut when eaten. Yoghurt can also be helpful in replenishing “good” micro organism within the vagina when smeared contained in the vagina utilizing clear fingers. Good micro organism within the vagina is benign (non-disease inflicting) and helps to maintain “dangerous” (probably disease-causing) micro organism and fungus in verify by competing with them.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Douching with diluted apple cider vinegar may help to lower vaginal itching as a result of growing the acidity of the vagina ought to assist to remove any bacterial overgrowth that could be inflicting your itching. Vinegar lowers the pH ranges and raises the acidity of the vagina – making the setting much less hospitable for micro organism. There may be one space of confusion with this pH altering technique and that’s, Candida prefers an acidic setting. So in case your itching is attributable to a yeast an infection (which is fungal), making the vagina extra acidic will improve your itching. By making an attempt this technique, you’ll quickly know!

Boric Acid Suppositories

In some international locations on the planet, Boric acid suppositories are frequent and used with nice success to deal with Candida overgrowth. In truth, in a single Indian examine printed lately, Boric acid suppositories outperformed Fluconazole, the oral anti-fungal drug, in diabetics with recurrent (reoccurring) Candida infections. Sadly, some individuals needed to stop therapy earlier than the top of the examine as a result of Boric acid may cause burning within the mucous membrane linings of the vagina. One other drawback with utilizing Boric Acid suppositories is that in Australia and another international locations, Boric acid suppositories are solely out there by prescription out of your physician. Then it’s important to discover a compounding chemist to make them up for you (presuming you will discover a physician who will prescribe them within the first place)! In my expertise most medical doctors is not going to contemplate Boric acid suppositories as a Candida treatment as a result of they like to prescribe the frequent anti-fungal drug therapies.

Epsom Salts

Douching with a diluted answer of Epsom salts (which is alkaline) can improve the pH of your vagina and make it much less hospitable for vaginal thrush. All the time watch out when douching to make use of a really diluted answer as vaginal tissue is kind of delicate and might “burn”, changing into uncooked and sore if the answer is just too robust. One technique to take a look at the energy of the douching answer is to choose up a drop of answer in your finger and contact it to the doorway of your vagina. If it feels in any respect uncomfortable, wash the realm instantly with water, since discomfort is an indication that the answer too robust. You will have to dilute it additional and retest earlier than making use of as a douche to your vagina.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is certainly one of nature’s finest anti-itch brokers. The commonest technique to apply tea tree important oil to the vagina can also be by douching. Take care to not use a commercially ready ‘tea tree answer’ for douching your vagina. These ‘options’ include tea tree oil dissolved in ethanol (alcohol) which is especially drying and will irritate the vagina. Care should even be taken to dilute the tea tree oil so that it’ll not burn the fragile lining of the vagina, however nonetheless be efficient (about 0.5 – 2% tea tree is efficient and customarily non-irritating).

You can too apply tea tree oil to a tampon and insert it, however once more it’s essential watch out in regards to the high quality of the tea tree oil you employ and to dilute it correctly (0.5 – 2%) previous to making use of it to the tampon, in order that you do not irritate your vaginal lining. All the time change tampons after four hours insertion to keep away from “poisonous shock syndrome”.

A Easy and Efficient Tea Tree-Primarily based Treatment

There’s a product already made up right into a soothing cream with the correct quantity of tea tree oil in it. “LadySoothe” could be smeared wherever it’s wanted each inside and out of doors the vagina. LadySoothe is a 99% pure cream formulated by girls for ladies. It has tea tree oil as its essential lively ingredient and is in a soothing coconut oil base. LadySoothe was developed as a handy, simple to use, pure treatment for vaginal itching. LadySoothe could be utilized by smearing with clear fingers each internally and externally or by smearing on a tampon and inserting into the vagina.


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