Quinoa is Not a True Grain – It’s a Seed

Quinoa is named a grain and for cooking and consuming functions it may be handled as a grain however it’s actually a seed. The plant we get quinoa from is the goosefoot plant – technical title Chenopodium. It’s grown primarily in South America and a few components of the USA. It’s intently associated to spinach and swiss chard. The plant bears the seeds after flowering about 6 months from sowing though fashionable rising strategies are lowering this cropping cycle. With this 6 month cycle farmers can get 2 crop cycles a yr however analysis is at present taking a look at attempting to realize three quinoa crops per yr. That is fairly intensive however displays the rising reputation of quinoa.

You need to use the leaves from the goosefoot plant in salads and as a vegetable in different dishes however this must be contemporary because of the truth that it would not retailer nicely.

Being a grain makes little distinction to how you employ it

The truth that quinoa is a seed and never a grain makes little distinction from the standpoint of cooking. It’s often cataloged with grains and will be substituted for many grains with out a drawback. The excessive protein content material of quinoa makes it extremely fascinating for inclusion in your weight loss program. The one aspect of quinoa that will trigger an issue in changing recipes is that it has a barely larger fats content material and a few baking dishes akin to scones and flapjacks could also be barely extra oily than you want to.

What you do with quinoa

To be used as an accompaniament to sizzling spice and savoury dishes it’s splendid. An enchancment on white rice with its crunchy texture and barely nutty style. The best method to make use of it’s in salads blended with different greens akin to peppers, celery and candy corn. Being a seed it will also be sprouted. This takes solely a few days and the uncooked quinoa sprouts are extremely nutritious if a bit bland. They’re greatest blended in with different elements.

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