Four Disadvantages of Consuming Too A lot Protein

Protein (together with carbohydrates and fat) is without doubt one of the three macronutrients your physique must perform correctly. It has many well being advantages which embody serving to your physique construct and restore cells, serving to your physique produce antibodies, enzymes and hormones and serving to your cuts heal. Nonetheless, you may get an excessive amount of of a great factor and protein is not any exception. On this article I’m going to be outlining 4 of the drawbacks of consuming an excessive amount of protein.

1) IT CAN HAVE A DEHYDRATING EFFECT:- In a 4 week research that checked out 5 endurance athletes who consumed low, medium and excessive ranges of protein it was discovered that elevated protein consumption result in decrease ranges of hydration. Dehydration could cause quite a lot of severe issues together with excessive fatigue, muscle cramps, complications, muscle spasms, problem respiratory and lack of consciousness.

2) IT PROMOTES FAT STORAGE:- Many individuals consider which you can eat protein to your hearts content material and never get fats. Nonetheless, in the event you eat too many energy (whether or not they come from carbohydrates, fats or protein) they in the end get saved as physique fats. Consuming extra of this macronutrient while consuming the identical quantity of energy can stimulate fats burning in your physique however consuming too many protein energy will result in fats storage.

3) IT CAN LEAD TO KIDNEY STONES:- When protein is damaged down this creates acids comparable to uric acid which will increase the acidity ranges in your blood. To fight this your physique releases the alkaline substance calcium phosphate out of your bones into the bloodstream. Total, this will increase urine ranges of uric acid and calcium which may then each type into kidney stones.

4) IT CAN LEAD TO OSTEPOROSIS:- As mentioned above consuming excessive ranges of protein can result in calcium phosphate being launched from the bones. Low ranges of calcium within the bones could cause osteoporosis to develop. Osteoporosis reduces your bone density and may result in your bones bending, breaking and fracturing rather more simply than regular, wholesome bones.

As you possibly can see protein is just not a brilliant nutrient. While it has many precious capabilities when consumed correctly, consuming an excessive amount of can result in the issues mentioned above. Rising your protein consumption reasonably will help you construct muscle and burn fats. Due to this fact, in the event you resolve to eat extra protein just be sure you don’t eat it excessively.

Source by Thomas Parker

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